How to find the company email of any person! Perfect for B2B sales!

Finding the company email of a person you are trying to reach out to is not an easy task. It requires a lot of Google searching with no guranteed results (very time consuming!).

Here's the process you can use to quickly get the valid email of any company contact, with high success rate!

Finding the company email of a person

The first step is to sign up for an acount with Findymail. This is a powerful email finder tool with many features and a robust process for finding valid emails.

Once you are logged in you want to navigate to the 'From name' page, located under the 'Email Finder' dropdown menu.

On this page you will see two fields.

In the first one you need to enter the full name of the person you are searching for. In the second one you need to enter the domain of the company they work at.

Click 'Find Email' to perform your search and in a few seconds you should see a new row created below with the email of the person.

If it does not manage to find their email, it will let you know.


An important thing to note is that, unlike other email finder tools, Findymail only charges you a credit when it manages to find a valid email address. This means that, you do not need to pay extra to verify the emails it finds, with another email verification tool. The emails you receive from Findymail are ready for outreach.

Finding the company emails of multiple people

If you have a list of contacts that you need to find the emails of, it is also possible to search for emails in bulk. To achieve this, navigate to the 'Bulk from names' page.

Here you'll need to upload a CSV file containing the list of people you want to get the emails of.

The CSV needs to have two columns. One with the full name of the person, and one with the domain of the company they work at.

If you don't have a spreadsheet software on your computer, creating a CSV file might be difficult. No worries though, you can use Google Sheets instead.

Once you have your Google Sheet ready, click File > Download > Comma-separated valued (.csv) to export the spreadhseet to a CSV file.


It is also possible to find the emails of each contact without leaving your Google Sheet, using a custom Findymail formula. This requires a bit of set up work but it will make your life much easier once implemented. You can read more about it here.

Finding the company email of a person via API

If you are an advanced pipeline gorilla and want to integrate this email enrichment process in your sales automations, you can programmatically interact with Findymail via its API. This means that you can also integrate it with no-code automation platforms such as Zapier and Make.

It also has a range of native integrations with outreach tools such as Smartlead, Instantly and Lemlist.

And this concludes our tutorial on how to find the company email of any person. I hope you found it useful!